ATW Human Resource Story - Cholis and His Commitment for Perfection

April 15, 2020

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"Indeed, from the company there is a standard operational procedure (SOP) for a work reference. But, if I can do better, then I can improve the quality of the work, "said Cholis Indra.

Cholis is the Project Manager of ATW Solar who has the responsibility of installing solar energy system at PT Bintang Toedjoe. He did not want to have the slightest mistake in the display of solar panels under his authority. Although the project was huge for him, the quality and detail of the workmanship was maintained at its best quality. With his trained eyes, he was guaranteeing installation accuracy even by a matter of millimeters. He was only 26 years old, but perfection in the end result was a commitment he upheld very highly.

The professional attitude, which is now his grip at work, did not just grow instantly on Cholis himself. Beside to the character that was formed as a teenager and studied at the Renewable Energy Engineering Department of the State Polytechnic in Jember, that awareness has grown even more since he joined ATW Solar three years ago. A series of experiences that he spent with the solar energy system company made his personality more mature.

Beginning with the installation of solar panels at a house in Cipete, South Jakarta, with 16 kWp of power, his responsibilities increased when he had to handle an installation at PT Kalbio Global Medika and PT Kalbe Farma, Tbk in Cikarang with 200 kWp in size each. His experience grew even more when he later handled the installation project at PT SLCI in Karawang with a size of 336 kWp. Until recently, his responsibilities still did not stop grow exponentially when handling the solar energy system installation project of 1.06 MWp for PT Bintang Toedjoe.

In contrast to individual residential installations, installing solar panels in large companies involves more complicated processes. For example, when working on a project at PT Kalbio Global Medika, a lot of stages had to be passed before installation such as: consultation with a few companies, meetings, making time stages of work, presenting design drawings and materials used, etc. In addition, also consideration about specifications, quality, beauty, and time are strongly required on top of that. From there, Cholis began to learn the need of perfect project management skill for all matters.

After three years joining ATW Solar, Cholis now feels increasingly assured that it is the right place to develop a career that suits his background. He saw the big growing potential in this company.

"The future of ATW Solar is good, in terms of market as well as in terms of the growth of renewable energy technologies, it is promising. Also, ATW Solar management team is also very enthusiastic to continue to uphold the future goals of Renewable Energy. ATW Solar is unquestionably a company that is passionate about developing renewable energy," said Cholis.

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