The Vision

“To make everyone become
energy independent by sun's power”

The Mission

We perform solar energy
Complete Solutions

We design and tailor the complete system with high-level project management based on the customers' needs.

by using Only the
world's best equipment

We always provide each of our customers with the best available equipments and products to make sure the system works optimally in long term basis.

and by Reinventing
energy applications

Not only for private use, we also keep our Research and Development running as well as partnership with advanced companies to develop new solar-integrated technologies to help societies.

Our Value


We strive to provide affordability for our customers without compromising perfection.


We prove our trustworthiness by successfully exceeding the expectations in all of our projects.


As a solar professional installer, we provide extra 5 years warranty for certain solar modules, and we also provide warranty for our installed systems.

Our Story

We are a group of people who truly believe in Solar Energy as one of Indonesia’s main energy source in the near future. It all came from such a humble beginning.

In ATW Solar, the team is very diverse in terms of experience. While the majority of the workforce are millennials, there are also experienced people to  share advices and business knowledge to make up for the less experiences.

Every single day, we ask ourselves about what we can do to give contributions to the environment & society. Our mindset has been set to  always think outside the box, prioritize product quality and customer satisfaction, do continuous innovation, and become a company that provides positive impacts to others.  

As a company, we believe that the perfect energy source for an archipelago country like Indonesia is Solar Energy. While we have an abundance source of free energy (sunlight), it is also a clean, reliable, and proven energy source. The system can also built  independently,  so it will solve the problem for rural areas that have no access to electricity grid.

Starting off with a small beginning, it was such a great challenge to do a disruptive energy business in Indonesia. While there is very little to zero awareness about  green energy, climate change, and global warming;  the majority of power plant is also still dependent to  coals and other fossil fuels.

We worked harder and non-stop every day to share awareness and educate more people about this alternative clean energy source, The idea stays unchanged: to provide green energy solution that is  reliable & impactful, and share economical benefit as well.

Fortunately, the wind is blowing on our side, we successfully managed to start from small residential installation, and build up the size into commercial & industrial installation. Since then, we have proven our quality & performance even to big corporates like  Kalbe Group, Siam Cement Group, Summarecon Group, BCA Group, and many more.  We are now leading the way to reduce carbon emissions. Also, we are one step closer to reach one of our goals, which is providing individuals and corporations with  clean energy efficiency solution, added corporate values, and green certification.  

Thriving Continuous Innovation and Highest Quality Human Resource

While we keep perfecting our installation and performance, we keep our Research and Development running continuously. We keep exploring the  limitless possibility of solar energy application  all over Indonesia. For example, we built  solar ice maker in partnership with GIZ and Aireff to help the local fishermen in East of Indonesia to preserve the fishes they catch (to avoid the fishes to rot quickly). We prioritize to help those in needs because we sincerely believe that electricity is a commodity that everyone should have access to.

As we keep progressing to become  one stop solution for solar energy system, we always keep the key foundations to everyone in the company, which are:  uncompromised & best product quality, operation excellence in installation and administration, and customer satisfaction through best customer service and after-sales services.  

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