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Promising Long-Time Investment

Electrity rate has increased from time to time but the expense of solar generated energy stays. By powering you home with solar energy, you will save more money in the next 25 years and more.

Smart Energy Source

Power your smart-home ecosystem with smart energy source. Our Solar Panel System can easily connect to your smart-phone or tablet making it easier to monitor your solar energy efficiency.

Low Maintenance Cost

By using the tailored highest quality components, it is guaranteed that the system will keep running perfectly with world-class durability that require less maintenance. Beside cleaning the solar modules, you don’t need to worry spending extra dimes to keep harvesting the sun.

Eco-Friendly and Renewable Energy Source

Solar energy is a clean energy given free by the nature. By utilizing it to power our home, we can reduce environmental damage by minimizing energy usage that came from unrenewable energy source.


Calculate The Difference

Our Solar PV System is a stable technology, the size and investment properties of it can be automatically simulated. Calculate the benefit of solar PV system for your home at anytime.


Integrated Aftersales Services

Aim to meet needs of each of our clients and to ensure oustanding performance. We are striving to deliver excellent services for all of the clients by providing through maintenance and warranty supports.


Customer Service

6 Months

Free Product Maintenance

1 Year

Full Product Warranty

5 Years

Solar Inverter Warranty

12 Years

Solar Panel Warranty

25 Years

Performance Warranty

ATW Solar Showroom

A Dedicated Showroom of Solar Technology for Residential Purposes

ATW Solar Showroom is the first and the most complete solar showroom in Indonesia which serves like a miniature and real size demo on installation, equipments, and batteries. It is located at the heart of Jakarta and very convenient for people to come and experience how a real and working solar panels are like.

The building itself is, of course, powered by solar panels with their batteries as well, to highlight the actual savings that the building can receive from the energy harnessed from the sun. On a regular basis, we might conduct open house, or seminars on the second floor to host events in the future. These are steps that we, ATW, takes into account to provide better education to the market, and serves our potential clients with real-world experience in solar panels.


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