Better Energy for Your Home

Do good for the environment,
starting from your home

Productive long-term investment

By generating your own electricity from solar panels, you will save substantial amount of money in the next 25 years constantly while regular electricity rate increases.

Effectively Proven Technology

You can visit our gallery to see the successful stories of residential solar energy system. Tons of house-owners in Indonesia have now started to realize the benefit of utilizing the abundance power of sunlight.

Smart & Green Energy sources

Our Solar Energy System can easily be connected to your smart-phone or tablet, making it easier to monitor your daily solar energy production.
You'll take part in reducing carbon footprint by utilizing clean & abundant free energy source.

Calculate the Difference

Our Solar PV System is a stable technology, the size and investment properties of it can be automatically simulated. Calculate the benefit of solar PV system for your home at anytime.

The Solar Calculator

Hassle Free Experience

Highest Quality European Technologies

Beside “Installation Excellence”, we believe product quality is as important. We only use the best-in-class European technologies in order to eliminate your worries about the durability & quality of the system.

Low Maintenance Cost

Solar Energy System requires little to no maintenance. Beside cleaning the solar modules, you don’t need to worry to spend extra dimes to keep harvesting the sun.

Flexible Payment Terms & Money Back Guarantee

For your cash flow management, we now offer credit card installment option as one of the payment options. We will return your money if the system is not working according to the standard operational procedure.

Nurture what has been given by nature for nature

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