Be a Company that makes a difference.

Solar PV technology has been proven to produce robust results that payoff its investment grandiosely.

Be one of the Green Energy Pioneer in Indonesia

Notable Companies that have enjoyed benefits from smarter & greener energy in Indonesia.

Hassle Free Experience

Highest Quality European Technologies

Beside “Installation Excellence”, we believe product quality is as important. We only use the best-in-class European technologies in order to eliminate your worries about the durability & quality of the system.

Low Maintenance Cost

Solar Energy System requires little to no maintenance. Beside cleaning the solar modules, you don’t need to worry to spend extra dimes to keep harvesting the sun.

Flexible Payment Terms & Money Back Guarantee

For your cash flow management, we now offer credit card installment option as one of the payment options. We will return your money if the system is not working according to the standard operational procedure.

Better Energy, Better Business.

Having your own power plant to generate cheaper & greener electricity will never get easier. The price of solar module has reduced dramatically, it is now very commercially feasible with shorter payback period. Enjoy electricity savings without putting any investment. Just sit back and let the sun to its job.

Specially Tailored for Efficiency Optimalization

Based on comprehensive and thorough data analysis of each customer, we offer completely free knowledgeful consultation, so you will no longer need to worry to think about the most optimal system that is specially needed.

Quality without Compromise

Highest Product Quality

Considering the long lifetime of the solar modules (25 years+), we offer zero tolerance towards the quality of each component. Certification, credibility, warranties, claim rates, performances, and all the relevant aspects have been carefully analyzed by our team.

Proven Technology

Our system is highly proven in terms of reliability and performance. Huge corporations have now considered this as one of the simplest yet the most beneficial project to boost the cost-efficiency as well as corporate value.

Installation Experience

Having everything else intact without proper expertise and certification in installation will mean nothing. Certification, credibility, warranties, claim rates, performances, and all the relevant aspects have been carefully analyzed by our team.

HSE Compliance

We put safety first and belief that all accidents, injuries and occupational illness are preventable. Our target is zero harm to our employees, contractors, partners, customers and members of the public.

Hassle Free Business

Proposal vs. Actual Results

False promises are everywhere, but not from us. We have proven the qualities of our products and services by delivering the actual performance to be higher than our initial proposal, which simply means more money for the customers.

Excellent After-sales Services

Even though solar energy system requires very little maintenance, it is important to do the job to sustain its prime performance. On top of the specific training modules from us, we are more than happy to support our customer with any difficulties after the project.

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