ATW Solar Human Resource Story - ATW Solar that Unites Adim's Family

March 10, 2020

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Bringing the family together into one happy moment is Adim's biggest hope. Once he passed the thesis exam, he sincerely wanted his graduation to be attended by his father and mother who have been separated for years. However, that hope seemed to be a dream that did not come true, if only he did not meet with ATW Solar, the solar energy company where he now works.

It was ATW Solar that suddenly appeared at the end of his studies at the State Polytechnic in Jember. At the end of 2017, that solar energy company came to the polytechnic where he studied and offered cooperation in the form of recruitment of graduates from the Department of Renewable Energy Technology. The company that has a vision to develop alternative energy is looking for the best graduates who have an interest in utilizing solar energy.

Adim Ardi Jana, who was waiting for the thesis trial, felt interested. He also registered to participate in the selection of recruitment of ATW employees. His thesis, entitled "Design and Development of a Battery Monitoring System in Solar Power Plants with Cooling Engine Loads ", of course received special attention from ATW. He also passed the selection. With him, two of his friends who also worked on his thesis on solar energy were also received, namely Cholis and Ashif.

After the trial at the end of December 2017, Adim and his two friends immediately went to Jakarta to work at PT ATW Solar Indonesia. For a month he was directly involved with the busy installation of solar energy system for PT Kalbio Global Medika. A new future was plastered, challenging him to reverse the doubts that had once plagued his mind. Initially, when he got a scholarship to study in the renewable energy department, he had doubts. Does this major have a future? He asked then. Now he is beginning to realize, the challenges to develop his career in the field of solar power are stretching.

He also played cheerfully with the sun, happy with the roof stricken by the heat. So, he did not feel a month had passed, even though he had to return briefly to Jember to attend the graduation ceremony.

With the first month's salary, he immediately called his mother who was in Jambi. His mother had separated from his father since he was in elementary school. It's been six years since Adim hasn't met his mother, whom he had always missed. He wanted, even just once, his mother and father can gather on his graduation day. However, at that time, his mother looked doubtful.; but Adim assured, "Mother, how could you not attend your son’s graduation day? The costs will be wholefully my responsibility, "Adim persuaded.

Therefore, Adim's graduation became a complete happiness, when the father, mother, and brother could be present at that moment. "After graduation, when you want to go back to Jambi, I will give the fare too. The result from a month's work at ATW paid off. I'm happy and proud, even though she did not raise me, but her child has succeeded. The moment was the most pleasant by the impact even just by working for a month. Got a new job in December, then graduation day in January, "said Adim with teary eyes. Adim, who is now 26 years old, has only worked for ATW for two years and four months. However, a number of challenges he had successfully passed made his career climb quickly. Starting from a supervisor who oversees the implementation of small-scale projects, then becomes the person in charge of the field. Finally, he has become a project manager for larger projects.

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