A Helping Hand for Our Friends in the East - Solar Ice Maker


As commonly known, Indonesia has an abundant source of sea products, one of them is 'fish'. In order to do the fishing efficiently and optimally, fishermen require a lot of ice blocks to preserve the fishes they caught. Since most areas in East of Indonesia are still not covered by electricity grid, it is extremely hard to produce the ice blocks. This is a very important issue because this will greatly improve the economic situation of Indonesia, considering that a very big chunk of the population are fishermen.

"This challenge then motivates ATW Solar, AIREF, and GIZ to help and improve the economical situation by creating this Solar Ice Maker." said Eduardus Pandik from ATW Solar

"The background in this project came from the realization of how hard and expensive it is to produce ice blocks in East of Indonesia, the diesel fuel is too expensive due to the logistics," said Eduardus in a discussion about solar ice maker in Pasuruan, East of Java (March 6th, 2020).

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