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ATW Human Resource Story - Cholis and His Commitment for Perfection


"Indeed, from the company there is a standard operational procedure (SOP) for a work reference. But, if I can do better, then I can improve the quality of the work, "said Cholis Indra.

Cholis is the ...

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ATW Solar Human Resource Story - ATW Solar that Unites Adim's Family


Bringing the family together into one happy moment is Adim's biggest hope. Once he passed the thesis exam, he sincerely wanted his graduation to be attended by his father and mother who have been sepa...

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A Helping Hand for Our Friends in the East - Solar Ice Maker


As commonly known, Indonesia has an abundant source of sea products, one of them is 'fish'. In order to do the fishing efficiently and optimally, fishermen require a lot of ice blocks to preserve the ...

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