Residential Solar Electric System

Economical and reliable solar electricity for you and your family

With our proven concept and long lasting technologies, solar panel PV system will make your house greener and more profitable.


The benefits of going solar in your home


Cut your electricity bill down by 70%. **Based on 30-kWp solar installation on a house with PLN capacity of 33-kVA and monthly bill of Rp 7 million in Jakarta area.


Stop worrying about electricity cost inflation.


Get a fast, secured payback with top European equipment and enjoy free electricity for >19 years.

How does solar roof system work?

Solar panels produce Direct Current (DC) electricity during the day. Afterwards, the DC current is converted into Alternating Current (AC) electricity suitable for use by household appliances. The electricity produced from the inverter is combined with output from PLN grid, reducing usage from the PLN grid.

When electricity produced by the solar PV system exceeds electrical load, the surplus power will be exported back to PLN grid, provided that the connection to the grid employs Net-meter. Also known as Export-Import kWH meter, Net-Meter allows record of both inwards and outwards flow of electricity to and from the grid. Therefore, electrical output from the solar PV system would be accounted for and benefit your investment.

Our Equipment

Why ATW Solar?


As the authorized distributor of REC and official partner KACO new energy, we offer solar panel technology at the lowest cost in the market.


We commit to use only proven technologies of Norwegian REC solar panel and German KACO new energy inverter. The extreme reliability will secure your investment payback.


As a certified REC Solar Professional Installer, we are eligible to provide two (2) years warranty on top of the ten (10) years REC solar panel product warranty.