Frequently Asked Questions

No. You only need to clean the panels and cable connections every few months and monitor the output regularly. We ensure that our installation is easy for operation and maintenance.

We subscribe to a premium satellite meteorological data that have good accuracy. And we like conservative numbers, taking into account all the losses like ohmic losses, temperature losses, soiling losses, etc.

Yes, we may go bankrupt as anything can happen in business. But we are doing our best. Even if we fail, our equipment manufacturers (all have more than 20 years experience) and they will be more likely to be around to support you.

No. PV system is very mature and proven technology and will not harm your equipment if designed and installed rightly.

That depends. With a right design and engineering, together with our competitiveness, we can achieve 6-8 years payback time. It seems long, but your solar modules have 25 years output warranty, so you will enjoy more than 17 years “free” electricity.

No, if you have non-penetrative mounting solutions, which we can offer to you. Even with penetrative solutions, we provide proper sealant and even option for leakage warranty.