Commercial Solar Electric System

Maximize your profit using solar panel technology

With our proven concept and long lasting technologies, solar panel PV system will make your business greener and more profitable.


The benefits of solar panel installation for your business


Cut your electricity bill down by 70%. **Based on 30-kWp solar panel installation on a house with PLN capacity of 33-kVA and monthly bill of Rp 7 million in Jakarta area.


Stop worrying about electricity cost inflation.


Get a fast, secured payback with top European equipment and enjoy free electricity for >19 years.


Tailored Solution for Each Need

We understand that each solar panel installation is unique, where each case has specific needs for which the PV system must adjust to. Therefore, we provide proper design and installation solution for the whole range of solar panel system applications; from stand alone solar panel system with batteries (off-grid), fuel saving diesel generator integrated (hybrid) sytem, to grid-connected (on-grid) system.

If your property is located on remote areas not covered by the PLN grid, or you lack dependable sources of electricity, we can design sustainable solar systems with energy storage options for self-contained power supply. During daylight hours, the solar PV system will produce electricity. Some of this power will be used by vital electrical equipment (i.e. refrigerator, pump). The remaining power will be diverted to be stored in the battery. Then, during the night when no power is being produced by the solar system, the battery will power these same appliances.

This is the system you need for your business if you have a connection to the PLN grid. When installed behind the grid meter, our grid connected system can reduce your PLN bills by up to 65% and hedge your power costs against electricity inflation. During the day, our on-grid solar photovoltaic (PV) system produces electricity which is directly supplied to power the load of your electrical appliances. Should PV power production exceed the load usage, the surplus electrical power can be exported to the PLN grid to offset your future energy consumption. This is achieved through the net-metering system, a nation-wide initiative regulated by the PLN. We have designed on grid applications for residences, office buildings, retail buildings, factories and schools in areas covered by the PLN grid.

If your facility relies on diesel generators to power its electrical loads, especially during daylight hours, a fuel-saving solar hybrid system is just what you need. With PV solar generating additional power, this hybrid system will dramatically reduce your diesel fuel consumption, reducing your fuel bill and helping you to hedge against unpredictable fuel prices. Similar to an off-grid solar system, a solar hybrid system provides consistent power in areas that lack a reliable PLN supply. As a hybrid solution doesn't require any battery storage, the investment cost is relatively low.

Our Equipment

Why ATW Solar?


As the authorized distributor of REC and official partner KACO new energy, we offer solar panel technology at the lowest cost in the market.


We commit to use only proven technologies of Norwegian REC solar panel and German KACO new energy inverter. The extreme reliability will secure your investment payback.


As a certified REC Solar Professional Installer, we are eligible to provide two (2) years warranty on top of the ten (10) years REC solar panel product warranty.