Our whole corporate strategies boil down to one thing: Operational Excellence.

That's why we use only high quality premium equipment, achieve world class installation standards, and perform over-delivering results.

Our Vision

Indonesia as a REGIONAL LEADER in solar energy industry. 

Our Mission

We perform solar energy COMPLETE solutions,

using ONLY the world's best equipment and customer-centric services,

to make Indonesia REGIONAL LEADER in solar energy industry. 

BEST Values

  • Boost cooperation
  • Embrace innovation
  • Seek long term profit
  • Trust in solar energy

Health, Safety and Environment

With a dedicated health, safety, and environment (HSE) team, we put safety first and holds the belief that all accidents, injuries and occupational illness are preventable. Our target is zero harm to our employees, contractors, partners, customers and members of the public. In addition to ensuring in-house compliance to HSE rules, a set of guidelines apply to every single person that we work with – whether partners, vendors or contractors. In this way we extend and promote safety culture to all associated entities.