“Energy independence for everyone
by the power from the Sun.”


We perform solar energy
Complete Solutions

We design and tailor the complete system with high-level project management based on the customers' needs.

by using Only the
world's best equipment

We always provide each of our customers with the best available equipments and products to make sure the system works optimally in long term basis.

and by Reinventing
energy applications

Not only for private use, we also keep our Research and Development running as well as partnership with advanced companies to develop new solar-integrated technologies to help societies.

Our Value


We strive to provide affordability for our customers without compromising perfection.


We prove our trustworthiness by successfully exceeding the expectations in all of our projects.


As a solar professional installer, we provide extra 5 years warranty for certain solar modules, and we also provide warranty for our installed systems.

Our Story

We are a group of people who truly believe in Solar Energy as one of Indonesia’s main energy source in the near future. It all came from a sudden amazement about Solar Technology.

It just sounded too good to be true to convert the free abundance sun light (especially in Indonesia) to electricity that can be reliably used as our daily application such as television, air conditioner, refrigerator, etc. We also think the perfect energy source for archipelago country like Indonesia is Solar Energy, while you can have a clean, reliable, and independent system without having to centralize them, and Indonesia undoubtedly has massive amount of sun light. Not only that, we were also sympathized by a lot of Indonesian people that still do not have access to electricity up until this point.

We started from a really humble beginning. Starting off by providing only Individual Residential Solar Energy System, it was not easy since there were only a few people that understood and knew about solar energy. Our goal since the beginning is to make people and companies’ lives easier in terms of energy needs, energy efficiency, corporate value, consultation, and certification. In addition to that, helping to reduce the effects of global warming and carbon emission/pollution (especially in Indonesia) have always been our goal too.

As we keep improving ourselves, perfecting our installation, and doing a lot of social awareness about solar energy; we expanded the business to provide solar energy solution for commercial systems. We installed a few systems to some offices in Jabodetabek area and received very good results as well as testimonials.

Finally, our industrial journey started when we were awarded a project from one of the hugest pharmaceutical companies in Indonesia, a subsidiary company of Kalbe Group, PT. Kalbio Global Medika. We were lucky enough to be given the chance to prove our skills and capabilities.

It didn’t stop there, we were then trusted by Siam Cement Group to provide our services in one of their factories in Karawang.

On the other hand, our residential journey also did not stop. We received the trust from Summarecon Group to install on the roof top of thousands of their new-built houses in Serpong and Bekasi. It was such a tremendous step for us to expand our horizon.

Now, we don’t only provide solar energy solution for residential, commercial, and industrial; we also provide solution for society that don’t have access to electricity in form of direct application such as: solar pump, solar ice maker, solar patchouli dryer, solar reverse osmosis, and many more.

As we keep progressing to become one stop solution for solar energy system, we always keep the key foundations to everyone in the company, which are: uncompromised & best product quality, operation excellence in installation and administration, and customer satisfaction through best customer service and after-sales service.